Final Project Guidlines

final submission instructions

Due: 5pm Eastern Friday, May 28th. Please submit your code and documentation to your group’s shared Google drive directory.


This submission is the culmination of your final project for Parallel and Distributed Computing. Your submission should include

  1. All code required to run and test your program
  2. Documentation
    • comments in code describing behavior and usage of major program components (e.g., methods and classes)
    • extensive README file documenting the code


  • 4 points for code
    • program compiles, runs, and performs a task as described in the documentation
  • 6 points for documentation
    • code includes sufficient comments to understand its functional parts (methods and classes)
    • README file includes:
      1. high level description of the program, explaining the problem it solves and some indication of how
      2. explicit instructions on how to compile, run, and use the program
      3. description of how the program employs parallelism to solve the problem: what components were parallelized?
      4. evidence of testing with some explanation: did parallelism improve the performance? if not, can you explain why not?