Lab 05: Monte Carlo


  1. Monte Carlo Simulation
  2. Lab Demo
  3. Getting to Work

A Question

What is the area of this shape?

Monte Carlo: A Way of Estimation

Throw darts, and see how many hit!

To Implement

  1. representation of blob
    • tell if a point is or is not contained in blob
    • find bounding box of blob
  2. throw darts
    • generate a random point in the bounding box
    • test if in blob
    • repeat
  3. combine results of experiment
    • compute area of bounding box
    • find proportion of hits
    • estimate area

Lab 05: Implement This Procedure


  • AbstractShape
  • Circle
  • Blob
    • consists of one or more constituent AbstractShapes

Your Task:

  1. find bounding box
  2. determining containment
  3. Monte Carlo simulation to estimate area

A Demo