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Computer Musings by Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth’s diverse achievements lend him demigod status in many circles. His series *The Art of Computer Programming *is admired by theoretical computer scientists, programmers, and hackers alike for its panoramic yet detailed treatment of algorithms. His academic research record is impressive. His TeX typesetting system forms the core of what is likely the most widely used technical typesetting software in the world. Given Knuth’s penchant for the aesthetics of typesetting, his website is perhaps not what one would expect–maybe he has strong sense of irony. Every…

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Richard Feynman: The Messenger Series

While I’m posting educational videos this morning, I might as well post one of my favorite lectures series of all time: Richard Feynman’s Messenger Series, given at Cornell University in 1964. I consider Feynman to be one of the greatest expositors of science of all time. He had an uncanny ability to distill concepts of physics to their essence and highlight the conceptual simplicity of highly technical ideas. Additionally, he is a very charismatic speaker and his lectures are a pleasure to watch.…

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