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Computing Round-up

For today’s computing round-up, I have a few tips that came in handy. The LaTeX algorithmic and algorithm environments make nicely formatted pseudocode for describing algorithms. See the link above for details on usage To recover an auto-saved file from Emacs, use the command “M-x recover-file”. That was a life-saver today when my internet connection decided to crap out. One of the perils of doing all my work remotely through SSH, I suppose. Use Emacs Org mode to organize projects and to-do lists. I’m just starting to get…

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Make a Centralized Bibliographic Database with BibTeX!

Like most working mathematicians I know, I use LaTeX for all of my mathematical typesetting. Until recently, the vast majority of my writing was for assignments for classes and personal essays where I didn’t need to cite any sources. Fortunately there is a wonderful tool called BibTeX that easily manages citations for when inevitably I need to cite others’ work. I have started compiling a centralized database of all the papers and books that I cite in my own writings. All of the sources are in a single file…

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