Complete Talks

Below is a more-or-less complete list of talks I've given.

  • On Sampling Eges Almost Uniformly, Symposium on Simplicity in Algorithms (SOSA) 2018, New Orleans, LA. (slides)

  • The Space Requirement of Local Forwarding on Acyclic Networks, PODC 2017, Washington DC. (conference slides, seminar slides)

  • Space-time Tradeoffs for Distributed Verification, PODC 2016, Chicago, IL. (slides)

  • Stable Matchings with Bounded Preferences, Joint Math Meetings 2016, Seattle, WA. (slides)

  • The Stable Marriage Problem, Los Angeles Math Circle (High School II), 2016. (handout 1, handout 2)

  • Fast Distributed Almost Stable Matchings, PODC 2015, San Sebastien, Spain. (slides)

  • It’s Not Easy Being Three: The Approximability of Three-Dimensional Stable Matching Problems MATCH-UP 2015, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. (slides)

  • Fault Tolerance in Networks of Bounded Degree. Computer Science Seminar (Cryptographic Protocols), UCLA, Winter 2015. (notes)

  • A Stable Marriage Requires Communication. Mathematics Department Colloquium, Reed College, Spring 2015.

  • Introduction to Communication Complexity. Participating Logic Seminar, UCLA, Spring 2014. (notes)

  • The Communication Complexity of Finding a Stable Marriage Advancement to Candidacy Talk, UCLA, March, 2014. (slides)

  • Estimating the Second Frequency Moment. Participating Probability Seminar, UCLA, Fall 2012. (notes)

  • Azuma’s Inequality and Concentration of Measure. Participating Probability Seminar, UCLA, Spring 2012. (notes)

  • Sumsets and Rusza Calculus. Participating Combinatorics Seminar, UCLA, Fall 2011. (notes)

  • Anisotropic Coarsening in the Dilute Limit. (with Melinda Gildner and Ben Vollmayr-Lee) American Physical Society March Meeting, 2009. (slides coming soon)

  • Anisotropic Coarsening: 2 Models in 3 Dimensions. Bucknell University/Reed College, August/September 2008. (slides coming soon)