Joshua Tree

Yesterday I got back from a whirlwind tour of Joshua Tree National Park with my friends Sam, Humberto and Anand. We were only there for twenty four hours, but saw a fairly large cross section of the park. On Wednesday we set up camp in Black Rock Canyon and hiked up Black Rock Canyon to the panorama loop trail. The high point of the trail straddles a ridge which gave spectacular views of the Mojave desert to the north and Coachella valley to the south.

The following morning we packed up camp and drove into the heart of the park. We (mostly Sam and Anand) did a bit of scrambling on the rock formations, then drove up to Keys View to bask in the arid and rugged scenery before returning home.

Although our visit was brief, I really enjoyed my time in Joshua Tree. Considering it is only a two-and-a-half hour drive from LA, it is embarrassing that it has taken me this long to go out there. Anyway, it was well worth the visit.

- [![My new tent's first outing](]( "My new tent's first outing") - [![A dead tree looms above the Mojave](]( "A dead tree looms above the Mojave") - [![San Jacinto Mountains to the south](]( "San Jacinto Mountains to the south") - [![A pretty spectacular Joshua tree on the trail](]( "A pretty spectacular Joshua tree on the trail") - [![The camp at sunset](]( "The camp at sunset") - [![Sam and Anand atop some rocks](]( "Sam and Anand atop some rocks") - [![A forest of Joshua trees](]( "A forest of Joshua trees") - [![Tree, rock, and sky](]( "Tree, rock, and sky") - [![Another spectacular horizon and sky](]( "Another spectacular horizon and sky") - [![Keys View of the Coachella Valley](]( "Keys View of the Coachella Valley")

Will Rosenbaum

Saarbr├╝cken, Germany

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