Last weekend, I went with Alivia, my dad, and stepmom to Palm Springs. Other than getting a chance to relax and spend time with my family, the highlights for me were a hike through Tahquitz canyon and a driving tour of some modernist houses.

In the mid twentieth century, Palm Springs was a veritable playground for architects pioneering the modernist style. The somewhat austere minimalism of their work suits the desert landscape well. I had seen pictures and videos of many of the houses we visited before, but it was fantastic to see the buildings in situ. We saw E. Stewart Williams‘ Edris House and Sinatra House, Albert Frey‘s Frey II House and Tramway Gas Station, and Richard Neutra‘s Miller House and Kaufmann Desert House.

- [![Tahquitz Canyon Wall](]( "Tahquitz Canyon Wall") - [![Tahquitz Canyon Rock](]( "Tahquitz Canyon Rock") - [![Tahquitz Canyon Floor](]( "Tahquitz Canyon Floor") - [![Tahquitz Canyon Falls](]( "Tahquitz Canyon Falls") - [![Edris House](]( "Edris House") - [![Kaufmann House](]( "Kaufmann House") - [![Sinatra House](]( "Sinatra House")

Will Rosenbaum

Saarbrücken, Germany

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