Kinetic Sculptures by Grönland and Nisunen

Tommi Grönland and Petteri Nisunen are artists from Finland. They specialize in kinetic sculpture. I found this video of one of their sculpture “Unstable Matter” particularly mesmerizing:

I love the patterns created by the ball bearings both in motion and stationary, and the way your perception of the motion is completely different at different scales. In the zoomed–in view you notice the individual bearings with their seemingly predictable motion. On a larger scale, you notice the seemingly random patchwork of grid–like patterns created by the bearings. Finally on the largest scale the motion appears continuous and wave–like. It reminds me of some patterns that appear in the Ising model of magnetism. The net effect is entrancing — I would love to see one of these sculptures in real life!

Grönland and Nisunen have more videos of their work posted here.

Will Rosenbaum

Saarbrücken, Germany

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